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I am sorry, but if you have a problem with Nick, you have a problem with me. He’s been my best friend for four years now and just like any friendship, it has it’s ups and downs. That doesn’t give people the right to throw their advice at me without me asking for it. 

· 05/07/12 @ 7:48pm

Nick & I made a Club Penguin account

Me: What should we make our password?
Nick: Penguin.
Me: -__________-
· 04/07/12 @ 2:30am

The other day a customer who was around my age came in with her grandma. She bought three pocketbacs and two holders. I told her the price and she said something to her grandma. I replied, “it’s because the holders are not part of the 5 for 5, only the actual sanitizers” homegirl looked at me and was like O_O “…..i said that in Korean. you must read body language super well. wow! so awesome”

No, not really. I just swear she said “i thought they were all five dollars”

1 note · 25/06/12 @ 7:44am

"oh yes because i wanted her to see your naked ass thrusting inside of me" - my boss

· 21/06/12 @ 4:15am

working fifty hour weeks is sure taking a toll on my body

i am exhausted all the time & all of my free time is spent sleeping

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These too!
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I want theeeeese!
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