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dear tumblr,

sorry i’ve been neglecting you. i’ve been wrapped up with moving/packing, ten hour babysitting days, and reading tons of books. i still love you, though!

· 17/08/12 @ 12:54am

Nick got a CHL this summer and I finally texted him asking why. Why does a 21 year old need that? Also he goes to school in Galveston, so it’s not like he’s in a dangerous area. His response, “it’s just something I wanted I guess”

I’m all for having a gun in your house to protect you & don’t care if people go to shooting ranges, but why do you need to carry a gun in public? It’s slightly terrifying if you think about how many people could be carrying one.

1 note · 28/07/12 @ 1:34pm

My boss told me that before I leave she wants to sit down and create an action plan with me for my career at bath and body works. She asked me if I wanted to move up and eventually become a manager, etc and I said I did especially if I couldn’t find a teaching job. I actually think this is a path I want to head down. We’ll see what happens with this being my last year of school.

· 26/07/12 @ 1:06am

boys are dumb

"so when you get waxed you sit in those stirrup things like they have at the doctor, right?"

1 note · 15/07/12 @ 2:49am

There are so few people that I can actually depend on and it sickens me

7 notes · 13/07/12 @ 1:13am

The lease for my apartment was 27 pages long. I feel like that is not normal….

· 11/07/12 @ 12:36am
Which one should I get?? The pink and white are jade and the blue is amazonite. They are all sooooo pretty. I’m leaning towards white though, because it will go with anything.
2 notes · 08/07/12 @ 3:50am

On another note, today has been SO boring and I’m in a funk. I’ve stayed in my room and played mahjong on my phone nearly all day -_____-

· 05/07/12 @ 7:49pm
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